A Personal Moment: Dear Birth Mother and Siblings

Dear Birth Mother & Siblings

I want to meet you.

It goes without saying.

Having said that, after our first meeting, (if you all allow it), who knows how we shall all feel?

It is impossible to predict.

The four of us are all adults, the siblings all parents with histories of our own. And birth mum? I don’t know how it is for you so I won’t guess.

I want to assure…is it reassure?…you all that if you don’t react the way I want;

if we never want to see each other again;

or some do and some don’t;

or we all want to see each other more;

then all’s good!

Well, not good maybe depending on outcomes versus’ wishes, but I mean…

I am not the sort of person who disrespects others by word or deed. I like kindness and I always try to communicate that way. I am emotionally honest but never rude I hope. And expectations? I start at the hope that we will all be polite and anything better than that is good luck :). Who knows what will happen.

So well umm ahhh, hmmmm. Nothing left to say.

Fond regards


p.s. I have a couple of readers who read this as they themselves navigate the finding birth parent/child thingy. All I can say is slowly does it and do not be surprised by the whirlpool of thoughts and emotions you experience. It has been eight months since I have known of my biological families existence and internally it has been…interesting :). Only very recently have I felt I truly want to meet them for now there is a settledness to my feelings. And I may have to wait.

WHat a journey! x:)





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