Is Amma It ?


I have been watching this woman from afar for a few years now. I have decided to explore further.

She is the first breathing human being I have felt may truly have ‘It’.

She may be one of the rare experts in this field I have explored academically and personally for 50 years. A field that, despite all the disappointments, has endlessly captured my imagination, my thinking, my emotions.

With great cynicism, silent but deadly hope, enormous frustration, exploding anger, and clinical precision and emotional honestly I have examined the possibility of there being a Loving consciousness within and without the human being, that is more knowledgeable, more aware, and may, or may not, have anything to do with our creation but is tappable into.


Why not? I like learning. Moreover, understanding us human-beans has been and is my thing.

I have researched psychology, psychiatry, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, mythology and as much of science as my extremely right biased brain can accommodate across culture, time and interpretation. And theology.

For me the evidence that a particular theology is not ‘the truth’ is simply a fact unto its own. The conclusion many make from this; therefore there is no such thing as a larger consciousness…god, as an afterlife/before-life…’ seems erroneous to me. It is faulty to say “we haven’t proved it therefore it doesn’t exist”. So I continue.

Besides, I believe!

I always have.

I always have.

What I believe in however…now that is tricky to explain. Therefore, I shall avoid that completely and go back to Amma :)!

Now the thing about me studying people who I suspect may embody a greater spiritual awareness is that certain criteria must be met.

  1. If the person truly embodies a greater spiritual awareness their actions will show this vividly. It is only words unless people are living the reality of those words.
  2. If the person truly embodies a greater spiritual awareness, people will be able to feel it when close unless they intentionally and powerfully shut their receptivity down.
  3. In addition, for the person this blogger is dear reader I must have a sense of intellectual AND emotional harmony in my acceptance or rejection of their claims.


So after researching, reading, and watching Amma, it seems she meets number one beautifully, and several reports from individuals disinclined to accept, convince me it’s worth testing number two and therefore three.

Of course, if all three are ticked off with Amma the next journey will be into what that all means.

Is it her?

Or/and is she some sort of conduit for this ‘bigger’ energy we all conceptualize with different pictures?

Theology/spirituality is endlessly fascinating.

And frankly, I’ve always wanted to meet someone close up who carries an energy worthy of aspiring too.

I wonder if she will be it?

Certainly her behaviours are worth aspiring to!

Now I am going to go away and figure out how on earth I am going to pull off this exploratory journey!

See ya next time :)x


2 thoughts on “Is Amma It ?

  1. I have dedicated my life to following the path of enlightenment. I see it intellectually in people often, but it is very rare to relate with someone on a spiritually aware level. For me, a sustainable, deep, personal relationship is the only way to find out if someone is spiritually aware. A relationship that is uplifting to both people in which nobody gets manipulated or used. I have written on here about my spiritual journey. If it speaks to you, we can continue this connection.

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