I dream

I have been a single woman for seventeen and a half years

Fourteen and a half years of that was very intentional

Feeling incapable of picking compatible partners

And being a mother of a two and a half-year old

I wanted to provide security for my son

and felt unable to do that if I was dating

So I was mum and that was enough (so much more than ‘enough’)

and I was happy


The last two and a half years


seventeen years and six months ago when I decided to be single

I didn’t think about what I would be

in seventeen years and six months


Fifty-three not thirty-five

Dolly Parton boobs bouncing off knees

Sagging…well everywhere really

And a general dislike of the places you go to meet other lesbians.


Internet date says Mr Twenty year old.

So I fluttered a bit online but

Nah…I just can’t


Instead I rely on fate


one day

in an ordinary way

extraordinary will occur

we won’t have the looks
we won’t have the money
but I hope so much
we would have the love
I dream.

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