Have Faith

you-are-hereNot the boxed in faith of particular dogmas, nor believing despite clear evidence to the contrary.

But rather


Understand our species massively overrates our own knowledge.

Understand how much we do not know, cannot see, cannot hear, cannot comprehend.

Just stand outside tonight and stare at the stars and think of what we know, and don’t know about ‘out there’.

Faith is not a religious thing as much as it is a Life thing.

Faith that if you try things get better

Faith that you will get through the rough stuff

Faith that some love you and more will as you travel through life whether they stay or not.

And yes, faith that there is ‘something’ worth exploring, something about us not possibly being the most evolved consciousness in the universe and what does that mean.

It certainly isn’t what we have hypothesised thus far

We clearly haven’t figured it out yet.

So explore, suspend cynicism, understand it is as important to our emotional/mental health as the right diet is to our bodies ability to function at its optimal capacity.

Approach all with a willing heart

In faith

And see what happens.

Your brain won’t disengage

You’ll know if it’s bullshit

But every now and then

You will make an extraordinary discovery

That will strengthen your faith in Life.

You are not ignoring your brain, you are ensuring you are open

To possibility.

Have faith young folks

Because if I have learnt anything for sure it is that if you never give up trying for the best

You will discover the joys of life that more than compensate for the trials that beset you on this weird journey we call our lives.


Leesis x:)x


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