The Flood

First is the event itself. For me, (and my dog and cat), fear. For others terror. I was lucky if not dry.

Then there’s the water. It reaches its peak. You know you are safe and then…well, you wait for the water to go down…however many hours it takes.

Then there’s the mud. Why did I think flood water would be clean?  The mud is thick, and smelly, and endless. Its in every crook and cranny possible and believe me…houses have lots of crook and cranny’s!

And then the mould. Oh my god the mould!

I will not mention the spiders that have sought safety inside.

And along the journey is the things you lose. Just stuff. Furniture that has journeyed many decades with me. Decades old collections of books which beside my photos are the only ‘stuff’ I really care about. Cards and notes from my boy as we journeyed together.

I escaped for a few days. I was overwhelmed there for a moment and had to get away. Particularly because it wouldn’t stop raining so drying anything was impossible. Shaking my fist at the clouds was ineffectual!

I noted this weird urge to blame. Something, someone but quickly accepted the silliness of such a response.

Self-pity kicked in and trust me the emotional roller-coaster of this last few months or so plus flood = self-justification to indulge.

Yet I have learnt to view self-pity as a cesspool of emotional corruption leading to anger bitterness, a sense of helplessness and powerlessness that is as fake as those who think they are invincible and just as destructive on ones ability to overcome adversity.

So for the 5th day in a row I will be on my hands and knees with mould killing stuff trying to remove the effects of flood. I will cough and sneeze with enthusiasm because apparently floods also bring bugs who love our bodies. Maybe I’ll even finally open my video cabinet full of 34 years of video/CD collections of my favorite movies that may…or may not be ruined. Its the only thing I’ve avoided.

Just things

But still.


Of course some folks loss has been so greater than mine.

The floods around my area and other areas of Australia have been devastating and people have lost loved ones. Some folk have lost their home and all within it. My mate woke to find a drowned woman in her veggie patch. Such is the impact of this flood.

And I remember, that there are third world peoples going through this on a regular basis without the ‘electricity coming back on’, or the council doing a tip run for free etc etc etc.


The flood…




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