Goddaughter; Please…

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Goddaughter; Please…

Each day I see you chose social media that focuses on agony

Please choose that which focuses on pleasure in the deepest sense

Both exist

But one makes you feel like shit and the other makes you feel hopeful.

Please choose the hopeful one.

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Goddaughter; Please…

The prescribed and the unprescribed create both a pleasure and depression that are false

Both disallow your natural psyche from seeing a way through

Please reject medication and drugs that aren’t essential for your life

In the long run neither will help and both will hurt

Please trust your genuine self to find a way through


Goddaughter; please…

You are loved

You are wanted

You are unique

You are special, you are my Princess Casey Yaya Pincushion teeny-boppy.

Please choose to know this

CCF24042016_00003 (2)

my boy and yaya

Goddaughter; Please…

I don’t just speak for myself when I say

We love you.

We need you

You are a part of us; our heart , our bodies,  our souls

Please accept our love



From your godmother

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