Mental Health & Disability in Australia: We’ve been Screwed Over!

Essentially since September a 20-year-old young man with the cognitive and emotional level of a toddler has been in prison because there’s ‘nowhere else to put him’. Please read it. Please inform yourself. Anyway…

This is ATROCIOUS!!!

And it is happening because state governments have closed ALL alternatives.

Disability services in the main do not have the training nor clinical skills to provide the professional support some folk need. Their direct care givers are Support Workers who with all respect to their excellent work, only need a first aid certificate to get the job and may or may not attend sporadic internal training program of ranging quality.

State governments over the past eighteen years have saved an absolute fortune by closing down mental health and disability state funded services. They have saved another fortune by getting rid of both Psychiatric Nursing and Disability Nursing as specialities requiring three years intensive training.

Once upon a time the young lad in the above article might have ended up in a psych bed until a better solution was found. Not ideal in any way but 100% better than prison; I’ve worked in both, so I know. Now, there’s no beds in psych either.

So a young lad, with the cognitive processing ability of a toddler…

Parents remember your toddlers?

Remember how fragile they were, how emotionally dependant they are on us, how much reassurance and love they require from us? How any intense emotion from grown ups would have them desperate for reassurance? Well…

A  chronologically young man who emotionally and intellectually a toddler, was put in prison because there was nowhere else for him to go.

It is wrong.

Governments rant about the cost of NDIS. It’s a drop in the ocean of savings they have made by the deconstruction of mental health and disability services and professions.

We must speak up.

We must not let government spin dull our minds and actions. I currently work in disabilities and when training constantly pose the question…

You are one serious head injury away from becoming a person in need of 24/7 care.

How would you like to be treated?



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