Note: the following advice is based on the understanding that your panic is not a direct result of immediate physical threat

Part One:             in the panic attack moment

1. SIT DOWN; wherever you are doesn’t matter, see to physical safety and sit. Your body  doesn’t want to…it wants to pace, run, something. I know. Force yourself to sit anyway. You can take control of your muscle groups and SIT.

2. BREATHE IN SLOWLY; you may gasp for the first few breaths…that’s ok. Just hold it      for as long as possible and slow the let out.

3. HOLD BREATH FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE; not to the exploding point but much        longer than your neurochemicals want you to. This is the whole point and this is why if    you apply this it WILL work. Panic/anxiety attacks tell your brain you are under                  immediate threat and so the brain dumps massive doses of ‘run from the angry lion’          neurochemicals. Your brains screaming ruuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn! You have to say NO! And the way to do that is to control your O2 intake which say’s to the brain ‘nah, everything’s fine dude, so the brain stops dumping.

4. LET BREATH OUT VERY, VERY, VERY. SLOOOOOWLY; hang a tissue 3cm from mouth and don’t let your breath move it.

5. REPEAT TILL BODY CALMS; this is so important and it is the hardest bit. Your brain will initially scream at you to move to run around to do. Fact is, part of the brain doesn’t seem to have adapted to 2018 Australian society and I’m guessing you don’t have a lion chasing you. If you do or anything else similar run like f but if it is an internal reaction.


They will I promise. It takes effort initially to apply rigorously because it is tough to force your body into stillness but only that will stop the brain dumping angry lion hormones. But it works and with Part two you can conquer this little demon!





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