I am a learner, a mother, a 50-year-old Australian woman, a lesbian, a case worker, a thinker, a registered nurse, a human rights supporter, a planet earth activist, gardener, a reader.

I have studied the emotional experience of human beings all my life, starting with sorting out my own abuse to learning about what it is that makes us unhappy (consequentially hurting others) and I have studied what it takes to integrate whatever our life experiences are and to live a ‘happy’ life. Whilst studying I applied all to ‘real’ life to see what worked and what didn’t.

I worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for twenty-four years. In hospitals, prisons, with kids and the community. I am now working as a case manager for folks with disabilities. I am arguing with my Uni about the completion of my masters in theology, I have a grad dip in psych and a grad dip in theology. I have studied and continue to study psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, anthropology, theology, sociology, new age, history.

I have also spent my whole life asking if there is a god and if so, what does it have to do with me?

And for me, life matters.

The search for self that blends into all matters.

The way we act towards others matters.

The way we raise our kids matters.

The way we treat the less empowered matters.

So that’s me. Why a blog? Because I want to share what I’ve learnt. When in conversation in the small world that is my day-to-day life the things I share seem to be of assistance. I would like to extend that reach of assistance.

I’m also a want to be writer. So I must practice.

Oh and I like laughing…a lot! And the planet I live on and imagination and making other people laugh…and oh lots of very simple things that make up human life on planet earth :).

I hope you enjoy what you read. My thoughts are mine alone and subject to growth, but perhaps I might give you a few questions at least. Comments welcome.



16 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re better than me – you’ve sent a manuscript to a publisher. Not me – yet. Although i may go the self-publishing route. Good luck! In the words of AC/DC, “It’s a long road to the top, if you wanna rock ‘n roll.”

  2. Great woman, you are. Wow. I came by here to read about you after your reply tonight because I was so impressed with what you said. Now I know why.

    How wonderful to know of you. Your way of being is quite cool, and I hope you get published.

    • hey Meredith. Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m not sure I’m that great but I have lived some stuff and learnt some stuff that I know works and I think could help some folks. I love your blog and applaud your process. The publishing. Hmmm. A posts comming on 🙂

  3. You are a kindred spirit. Like you I am disgruntled with the lack of ethics in my field of social work and higher education, but unlike you, I have not left completely, though I have moved around a lot.

    How courageous of you to submit a manuscript—I am not there yet, though I have published professional, boring stuff. I wish you all the best, and I look forward to reading more of your pondering.

  4. Hi Leesa – just wanted to drop you a line to say that I’ve set up my blog on my own server. I also wanted to thank you for the comments you made when I was just starting out on this cathartic quest. I value your insight and was touched by your comments. I’ve included you on my blogroll and hope very much that you’ll continue to make comments as I venture further on my journey. It would be wonderful if you could contribute to the site with your professional experience – but I leave that to you. Big hug. Ana

    • Hey Ana

      congrats on the new site…hope it goes well for you. I’ve subscribed to your feed and will drop in when time permits. Hope things are gentler for you cheers Leesa

  5. Leesa, I love your philosophy. I love that you know life matters. I too am a questioner. I’m on a quest for truth, for what matters. I’m trying to make life matter. I’m trying to make my life matter.

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