The Natural Mom’s Best Friend

I wished she’d been my birth mum.

I think we would be good friends whether any maternal/daughter thing happened.

That’s what I hoped with my natural mum but it wasn’t to be.

She’s restrained, I’m blunt.

She hides things from others, I am what you see.

She doesn’t read…I do, copiously.

She doesn’t care about politics. I do

She does charitable services but condemns the lifestyle of the suffering. But by the grace of ‘something-a-rather’ go I.

Ultimately, she didn’t like me and I was put off by her restraint and social niceties that didn’t represent truth at the end of the day. But I got it. Sadly.

The natural mum’s best friend is different.

And I can’t say it to her

But I wish she’d been my mum as pathetic as that sounds from a 57-year-old because we would have been good friends I think.

But I cant say it to her.

So I’m saying it to Word Press

I’m not unhappy. Just…thinking, momentarily about something that’s a bit weighty…and writing through the process.


2 thoughts on “The Natural Mom’s Best Friend

  1. I have the same condition with my mother. You are right to try to untie this knot in your mind because it has and will keep having a profound effect on your life until you get to the bottom of it. I am still getting to the truth of this condition and the deeper I go the scarier it gets.

    • thanks for your comment Sue. it is a weird thing but your right one has to keep trying to untie the knot for its a constant irritation whether you want it to be or not. Good luck on your journey xx

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