Professional Qualifications, Work & other Studies


1987    Registered Nurse, Division 2; Metropolitan and Eastern School of Psychiatric Nursing

 1988    Psychiatric Nursing Certificate, Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN); Metropolitan and Eastern School of Psychiatric Nursing

 1989    Certificates in Gestalt, Psychodrama, and Psychotherapy: Richmond Institute

 1991     Graduate Diploma of Applied Science   (Psychiatric Nursing) , Phillip Institute of Technology

 1991     Certificate in Professional Assault  Response  Training: Royal Park Corporation

 1992     Certificate in Management & Implementation of Change & Conflict Resolution: Office of Psychiatric Services

 1995-   Mother

1997     Professional Counselling:  Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

2004    Graduate Diploma in Applied Arts, Theology. Australian Catholic University

2005-  Masters in Theology: Australian Catholic University


Some of my positions have been as follows;

*Acute Clinical Specialist of Royal Park Corporation

*Clinical Teacher in Psychiatric Nursing specializing in Therapeutic Intervention, Royal Melbourne Institute

*Tutor, Ballarat University, First & Second Year Psychology students.

*Psychiatric Nursing intervention in Prisons, Victoria

*CoOrdinator, Ballarat Psychiatric Fellowship, providing accommodation, daily support and 24/7 advocacy to folk experiencing mental health challenges.

 *Consultant, NGOs Queensland, in individual and community mental health needs.


Always advocacy for the rights of individuals

Theraputic intervention in challenging behaviours

Anthropological issues in diagnosis of psychotic, personality and neurotic disorders

Spiritual aspects of Emotional/mental challenges

Education of children and teens for optimal growth.


Philosophy from Ancient Greece to the periond of ‘Enlightenment’

Anthropology, Mythology, History, Sociology. Psychology

 Evolution of spirituality in conjuction with psychological evolution in cross-cultural recorded history

An ‘attempt’ to understand quantum physics.

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