There is no country in the world that doesn’t experience some ‘people’ doing such horrendous acts. But for the governments to protect the evil…that is equally horrendous. Maybe we (western public) can help. Maybe we need to campaign our own governments to cease all business, all tourisim, all contact with these counties until they fix their laws. Certainly if we are silent we participate in such horror.

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Lama was a five-year-old half Egyptian, half Saudi girl. Her mother was born in Egypt and immigrated to Saudi over 25 years ago. Her father, sheikh Fayhan Al Ghamdi, was a frequent guest speaker on Islamists channels. Al Ghamdi divorced Lama’s mother and took custody of Lama soon afterwards. In this video he tears up at the plight of orphans as he talks about the religious rewards of adoption.


According to news reports, Al Ghamdi told the judge that Lama was behaving strangely and that he questioned her virginity. He went as far as to have a medical professional check that her virginity was intact. Her mother said in an interview on Ali Al Olayani’s show that she felt that there was something wrong three months before Lama was admitted to the hospital but that her ex-husband would only allow her short telephone conversations. She begged him to give her…

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  1. Leeis, I left a long comment from the Anglo-American woman’s view. American women don’t realize how many options we have, even as men try to take them away… but as Americans, the best we can do it not “butt into” a culture we cannot understand. Best to contribute to Half the Sky and other female justice-oriented groups, led by women and trusted by those affected. As I said in my comment on that blog (thanks for reblogging it), “Rest in peace, baby girl…” Heartbreaking and I am so familiar with the subject. I was on the pre-9/11 bandwagon concerning the plight of Afghan woman forced to wear burqas and shot in the head in football stadiums for showing their ankles or going out unaccompanied by male relatives. It’s a long cultural battle, and men (just as in American’s prostitution problem) never get the punishment they deserve, such as long jail terms and then being made to take out the garbage and clean the bathrooms of homeless shelters, etc. Bless you, Leesa. Amy

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