The Silence is Killing Me!!

Whatever happened to getting rejected properly?

I want my book sent back covered in bright red lines and crosses and slashes and maybe a spot of red wine indicating the readers need for sustenance. Like my poor old uni students used to get from me.

I want big red writing. Red words such as ridiculous, atrociously written, go back to psych nursing written in a drunken irritated scrawl.

Even oh my god woman you can’t write for shit, or sorry fell asleep after the first page.

But no. All I get is silence.


 Whats the bloody use of silence?

What does silence tell me?

That I can’t write?

That what I’m writing about is boring/been done before/not trendy/crap?

Oh what does one do when one is writing out into the world and the world is silent?

Of course I’ll keep sending it out there (and here). It’s just that…well, I never knew I’d be begging for insults,  rejection slips, harsh criticism.

Don’t get me wrong.

My dream, my fantasy, is that acceptance letter.

It says how it can’t wait to get my words out there. How the book will be gobbled up by the hurt and wounded.

I’ll be in demand everywhere and the bank will be writing me a letter asking me if I was aware that there is actually money in my account now.

But, at the very least, please please please stop with the silence! I can’t STAND IT!!!

4 thoughts on “The Silence is Killing Me!!

  1. You are aware that the publishing industry moves at the same speed of a hog-tied sloth? Unless it has been over a year, they probably haven’t gotten to it yet. Send a polite query reminder at the six month mark.

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